Green Cities are Within Our Grasp

// December 31, 2016

Source: La Liste The spotlight that is our consciousness, lives in a vast sea of unknown depths. We live only in a small sliver of ourselves, leaving little time to consider how much we aren’t considering. The ego, our brains software that keeps us healthy, happy, and alive, was selected to only consider things in… Read more »

Are Hojas Art?

// July 19, 2016

Hojas are a wonderful way to easily plant some flowers. They make a great gift, kids love them, and the strange egg/planet-like exterior, makes a great conversation piece. But is it art? I assert that the Hoja is not art but the act of destroying one is art. Just as Hojas are a rebirth of… Read more »

Why Not Have a Hoja Sticker!

// June 21, 2016

Hi there, my name is Andrew, I make Hoja Seed Balls. The posts in you see here are about my experience with Hoja Seed Balls. I hope to write about new business news, musing on the theory behind Hojas, and anything else I feel like putting up here. This won’t be too formal, and I… Read more »