Neon Hoja Seed Balls, now available

Hoja Seed Balls

Made to be Broken

Hojas are an artistic take on the classic idea of a seed ball. Hojas are much larger than a regular seedball (Hojas are the size of a orange), and each one is handmade, and individually painted. A Hoja is breakable, in fact you are meant to break it. Inside is organic soil and 20 types of flower seeds.

But can you break it? Hojas are made be broken, but many people just can't. They grow attached to their Hoja; they see something of themselves in their Hoja, and often customers keep their Hojas as a conversation piece.

But that's the power of a Hoja Seed Ball: they are beautiful on the outside, but the flowers inside are even more beautiful. Which will you choose?

All orders have free shipping to anywhere in the US of A. And, they come with a unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like your Hoja for any reason, return it, and I will refund your money and the shipping cost. Anytime, anywhere, any reason.

So, order your Hoja Seed Ball today, or learn more about what's inside and how they are made on the About page. Or, if you are looking for more about the philosophy behind Hojas, check out the News page.